Beet Pulp

Beet Pulp

Beet pulp has been a staple in the equine industry for quite some time, useful for its high fiber content, low sugars, and digestibility. Beet pulp actually comes from the sugar-beet industry, which means that the sugars have been extracted as much as possible leaving behind the fibrous beet pulp. It is also a useful prebiotic to help keep the microbes in the hindgut happy. (KER Staff, 2019)

We use beet pulp as a base for all the benefits detailed above and because many horses find it a highly palatable fiber option. It expands quite a bit when soaked, making it a useful tool for adding water into the horse’s digestive tract. 

Standlee Beet Pulp 

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein

Min 7.5%

Crude Fat

Min 0.5%

Crude Fiber

Max 21%


Unbeetable Beet Pulp Pellets 


Here is a useful article on the benefits of beet pulp: 

From Kentucky Equine Research:

“Beet pulp is considered a prebiotic, meaning it is beneficial to the millions of microbes in the horse’s hindgut. A robust, well-functioning microbiome contributes to overall health.” (KER Staff, 2019)


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