About Us

A picture of a women sitting on a hay bale, holding a bucket which a chestnut horse is eating out of.

My story is simple- it's all because of the love of a horse.

My name is Connie and I am the founder and owner of The Forage Porridge. My horse Daisy came into my life when I was a working student at an eventing barn in Florida back in 2012. I fell in love with her floating movement, her talent, and her big heart. I could not afford to buy her, and she was sold to a student at the barn who competed her for several years. I was happy she had a good home, but I always felt like part of our story was incomplete.

In May 2021, Daisy's previous owner contacted me as she was off to a PhD program and wanted Daisy to be with someone who she knew would cherish her. I was overwhelmed with joy, and soon my dream horse was on a trailer out to Colorado.

Daisy taught me how to be the person she needs. To be soft when she needs relaxation, to be brave when she needs encouragement, and to listen when she needs to be heard. She also set me on a path to learn as much about equine nutrition that I can, as her picky palate has kept me on my toes!

I dove deeply into the equine nutrition world through peer-reviewed articles and podcasts with PhDs in animal nutrition such as The Feedroom Chemist with Dr. Jyme Nichols, Beyond the Barn with Dr. Tania Cubitt, and podcasts with MadBarn Equine Nutrition's founder, Scott Ciselar. I grew empowered and confident in my choices for Daisy, and finally found the sweet spot for her tastes. I also enjoyed making mashes with different flavors for her, and the spark started!

The Forage Porridge was born out of a desire to share a fun way to treat your horse while keeping their digestive health a priority. Through forage-based mash kits, I hope to help bring horses and owners together.

It's all for the love of the horse!


Sadly, I lost Daisy in September 2023 to a tragic pasture accident. I was (am) absolutely crushed by her loss. I started this company because of her, and I will continue it in her memory.