Nutrition Resources

Equine nutrition is a multi-faceted world. As a first-time horse owner, I wanted to do my very best for my horse and so I sought out resources to gain more knowledge and make the most informed decisions I could for her. Here are a few resources I found the most useful in my journey.

MadBarn Equine- A Canadian nutrition company, MadBarn provides very helpful peer-reviewed articles. They also offer free nutritionist consultations with a certified equine nutritionist.

The Feed Room Chemist - Listen to this podcast hosted by Dr. Jyme Nichols, as she covers a wide range of information in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand. Dr. Jyme Nichols is the equine nutritionist for BlueBonnet Feeds.

The - I found this publication very valuable for their articles on nutrition and equine science, as you can read pieces by PhDs and DVMs.

Beyond the Barn - Standlee Forage's podcast covers a broad range of topics. I find the conversations with equine nutritionist Dr. Tania Cubitt my favorite, as her approach to explaining equine nutrition needs is easy to follow.