The Forage Porridge

What better way to celebrate summer than with a healthy and fun snack for your horse? The perfect base for a birthday 'cake', a post ride snack, or split up into meal toppings for a picky eater.

Providing your horse with a mash with a base of forage, such as hay pellets or beet pulp, is a great way to encourage your horse to ingest more water and keep the digestive tract moving like it should.

These forage-based mash kits are designed with your horse’s gut health in mind. Our forage-based mash kits all have some salt to encourage water intake, perfect for hot summer months.

Whether you want to try out new flavors for your horse or give a smart gift to your barn friend, these mash kits are sure to please!

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Good nutrition for happy horses

We believe happy horses start from the inside out. Here at The Forage Porridge, we want horse owners to feel empowered to dive into nutritional knowledge with science-based facts and scholarly sources. Take a look at our nutritional resources, and feel good about the ingredients going in your horse's bucket!