Carrots, Oats, and Peppermints

Carrots, Oats, and Peppermints


Carrots have long been fed to horses as treats or feedstuffs over the centuries. My horse adores them over almost all other treats- aside from puff peppermints! 

We use dehydrated carrots in the Forage Porridge mash kits and they rehydrate very well in water. I admit I have stolen a taste of the carrots to see what they are like, and it’s pretty good!

Here is a link to nutritional analysis of carrots: 

Rolled Oats

Oats are cereal grains often fed to performance horses and found in horse treats. Oats are highly palatable with a high amount of calories and starches which can be beneficial for some hard-working horses.

We use human-grade rolled oats to add some texture and taste to some of our Forage Porridges.

Rolled oat nutritional facts: 

KER Equine article: 

Puff Peppermints

The crinkle of a peppermint wrapper is one of my horse’s favorite sounds! A small amount of sugar for the average healthy horse is generally regarded as fine by nutritionists and veterinarians. (

Please note excessive sugar should not be fed to metabolic or laminitic horses. Speak with your veterinarian if you have any concerns. 

The Horse article: 


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