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The Forage Porridge

The Porridge Paddle

The Porridge Paddle

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Introducing the Porridge Paddle! 

It’s time to upgrade your pony meal prep utensil! These paddles are specifically sized for barn use, with an optimized length and shape to efficiently stir horse meals in 5 gallon buckets (or larger). 

Handmade from birch (a horse-safe wood) by local artisan woodworker Una Raíz Woodworks, each paddle is unique and one of a kind. Beveled at the spoon edge for scraping and stirring, handle carved ergonomically for a nice feel in the hand. Wood-burned with our logo on the handle and sealed with a food-safe finish. These tools are designed to last for years!



-16” in length

-Food-safe finish

-Handle comes with leather loops for hanging

-Available in rounded or faceted handle

The handle has two options, faceted or rounded. I love the feeling of both. The rounded handle is smooth in the hand, while the faceted handle provides more grip—ideal for slick hands or glove users.


Handwash your Porridge Paddle with warm water and dish soap. Bear in mind that soap won't harm wood or finishes, but the water will, eventually. Dry promptly after washing and avoid soaking for extended periods of time.

Should the finish start to look "thirsty," treat with safflower oil; let absorb for 10-20 minutes, then wipe off all excess and allow to dry. In a pinch, you can use any oil that’s safe for your horse, just be aware that most common oils won’t cure; they’ll provide less protection and over time may start to go rancid if they go deep into the wood fibers.

A well cared for wooden utensil is sanitary and can last lifetimes.

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